THe Commonwealth Orchard


Letting Scotland Blossom!

WHAT? the idea is to get the whole community including  children families, and a whole range of groups and also individuals to plant fruit trees, and soft fruit plants across Glasgow and Scotland now, which would be ready to pick and use for the events in 2014.

WHERE? In locations across Glasgow, Scotland and perhaps also across the Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth Orchard has already planted in schools, parks and in other common grounds and this project would be intensified. It would be great to build in a legacy orchard as part of the Commonwealth developments , and perhaps encourage other Commonwealth countries to get involved 

WHEN? Now!  so that the trees are well established by 2014

WHO?  We   coordinate and develop the project, working with a range of partners, including education, social work, health promotion, land services and of course, children!

TRACK RECORD: The Commonwealth Orchard has extensive experience of developing food gardens and orchards, and innovative events and concerts aimed at children, schools and  families.

DETAILS John Hancox, 0778 606 3918,

John Hancox, The Commonwealth Orchard, 75 Clouston St, Glasgow G20 8QW

all text and pictures Copyright 2012 John Hancox